3 Ideas For A Productive AND COVID Safe Conference Team Building Event

25th January 2022

There are a lot of nerves around team events in 2022.

Reconnecting teams after an awful two years is high on companies to do lists but doing this safely is a challenge.

Here are 3 ideas to help ensure that you get the balance right between your need for a covid safe conference teambuilding events and the need to reconnect.

1. Start With An Icebreaker

Suddenly being in a room with 400 people is going to feel a bit weird. There’s no getting around it. When your people sit down they will potentially feel awkward or anxious.

An appropriately pitched ice breaker in the format of either a breakout chat or maybe a quick fire quiz game will distract and settle people more quickly.

The icebreaker is not a waste of time, it will increase delegate engagement levels and the productivity of the following more ‘meaty sessions’ delivered by your SLT.


2. Get Your People Moving & Talking

We’ve spent two years sat on our bums in front of a screen. Don’t invite them to travel across the country to just sit in front of more screens.

Whenever you can get your people up and moving and mingling – DO IT!

We often use team activities that, although undertaken in table teams, still require the teams to interact with each other.

Finally, if you can, give each table / team their own equipment to minimise handling.


3. Involve Remote Workers

Things have changed and remote working is here to stay. The role that remote working will play will differ from organisation to organisation. You can count on the fact that a percentage of your workforce will be remoting in to your conference.

It’s important not to leave these team members out of your team building events however and so make sure that you that you involve them at the planning stage. Make them a virtual team (activity allowing) or use them as a resource for the teams in the room.

The activity itself is not as important as remote workers feeling engaged and connecting with as many people as possible outside of the usual weekly team zoom pulse dynamic.


Finally – go easy on yourself! We’re all working this out as we go. Fingers crossed it will keep getting easier.

We’ve been able to do this a few times now and have had learn quickly how best to adapt our activities to post COVID conferences.

If you’re a bit busy for this and just want to skip the outcomes i.e. a more engaged, more connected team then why not give us a shout and book a no hassle / no commitment chat with us?

We’d love to share our experience and get on your radar for future events. Obviously if we can take it off your hands and deliver a covid safe conference team building event then perfect!

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