3 Ways To Build A Cohesive Remote Team

11th January 2022

3 Ways To Build A Cohesive Remote Team

Jan 11, 2022

We work with a lot of team leaders and HR Professionals who are keen to boost or maintain a remote team’s engagement or productivity levels.

There’s been a lot of change to working practices recently and every organisation faces unique challenges BUT there are some steps that ALL remote team leaders can take to make things better.

Tip 1: Make The Time To Build Trust

Be intentional and structured about building connections in your team. In more traditional settings individuals can connect organically – in the kitchen, over lunch etc. Leaders of remote teams can’t count on this anymore. MAKE the time either virtually or face to face to make sure that your team actually know each other.

Tip 2: Create Some Ground Rules For Your Virtual Interactions

If someone stood up and left the conference room whilst you were speaking it would be disconcerting. If someone closed their eyes or put their hands over their ears whilst you were presenting, you’d react to it. The for courtesy hasn’t changed. Switch your phones off, close your email clients and zone in. Virtual meetings should be a ‘real’ as possible.

Tip 3: Take The Time Recognise Each Other’s Work

Remote working often results in team members not knowing what each other are up to. This includes being aware of each other’s ‘wins’. Feeling recognised for a job well done feeds into engagement and ultimately staff retention. Schedule a weekly or monthly catch up to share and celebrate each other’s wins in order to create stability and drive long term team performance.

Find the time to take these simple steps to quickly boost the productivity and engagement levels in your team.

If you’re really are too busy and you want some ideas or help with building trust in your team, chartering your team’s behaviours or recognising your team in order to boost engagement levels then get in touch!

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