3 Tips For An Awesome Team Building Event

2nd August 2022

3 Tips For An Awesome Team Building Event

Aug 2, 2022

Bringing your teams together to connect, get clear on the next period’s business plan and have a few laughs should be a joy.

Why then do so many people seem to have a toe-curling team building activity as a part of the experience?

I happen to think that done right team building activities can really help your people to feel connected and empowered to hit targets BUT often the team building picked is a bit random or, at worst, downright embarrassing.

In the spirit of avoiding this – here are 3 tips for an awesome team building.

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Tip 1: Link your team building event to the offsite topic.

If you’re offsite is about communication link the activity to communication. If you’re trying to break down silos then run an activity based on everyone having to work together as one big team. If you’re sharing your new set of values, then use the team build to bring the values to life so team can remember them.

‘Unlinked’ team building can be fun but feel random and leave your team asking why they’re dressed in a giant inflatable sumo suit. Unless of course your that’s the main focus of the offsite.

Tip 2: Link the team building event to your chosen venue.

We all spend a lot of time in the office or working from home so If your offsite is in a beautiful Stately Home then explore the house and grounds. If you’re based in a City Centre be sure to enjoy the sights and sounds of the City. If you’re split across several small, boring breakout rooms why not move the teams around to undertake different games in different rooms for a change of scenery and a chance to stretch their legs a bit?

Tip 3: Chat with the team building facilitator before your offsite.

So you’ve worried about every other presenter on your agenda but you’ve absolutely no idea what your team building facilitators are going to say on the day…

Seriously, you hand them the mic then realise that you’ve inadvertently booked a Chris Rock or Ricky Gervais wannabe…

A quick chat with the person running your team building event in the run up to your day will give you peace of mind that they aren’t a loose cannon.

You can also discuss the why of the session and even give them some juicy titbits for funny name checks on the day.

Need help?

If you want to avoid staging a ‘random’ team building event, want to ensure it’s an awesome team building event but are a bit pressed for time and mental energy… let us help.

We offer a cringe free guarantee and strive to tailor all of our team building events to the purpose of your offsite, your venue and your desired tone.

Let’s have a no obligation, 10 minute chat at 01905 330660 or drop us a line at [email protected]

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