Conference Team Building Events Should Be Easy

8th June 2022

Conference Team Building Events Should Be Easy

Jun 8, 2022

Arranging a strategy day or all hands meeting that includes conference team building can be a stressful challenge. When you go to the time and trouble of getting everyone together in one place, it goes without saying that it needs to go well.

Throw in a ‘visionary’ leadership team, temperamental venue managers and an itinerary packed tighter than a tin of sardines and you have a recipe for sleepless nights for any poor soul tasked with doing the organising…. should I even mention having to still do your day job at the same time?

Then, with 4 weeks left to go you the hear the words, “Perhaps we should do a conference team building thing after lunch? Can you find us a few options?”.

“Where do I start?” you cry.

“Half-naked Māori?” – not sure.

Cocktail making?” – not after last time.

“Laser Tag?” – too scary

“Can the venue accommodate us?”

“Do we have the time in the agenda?”

“What if I bring in a complete clown, the team hate it and the whole thing makes me look silly?”

“What if they don’t turn up?”


Stop stressing about organising conference team building!!

It may actually surprise you to hear that there are people out there who actually make their living from doing this stuff.

Think about it.

If we never actually slept because of worry, never actually turned up and ruined conferences wherever we went, we wouldn’t have had a business for 22 years and wouldn’t have survived a global financial crash and a COVID pandemic.

We’ve survived because – shock horror – we do this all of the time. We’re very practised at it. We’re good at it. Our feedback is excellent and, whenever it wasn’t as good as we expected over the last two decades, we learned, adapted, and improved.

How to make conference team building easier?

We’ve found that gaining a genuine understanding of your business and your people really helps us to come up with the right team activity for your cohort. This is why we always look to get started with a chat with you.

Our team chatting directly with your venue directly really helps us to take the burden off your shoulders as well. If we need a couple of extra tables or access to a field, you shouldn’t have to be worrying about this! In fact venues can be so stressful we’ve even started to offer a free venue finding service.

When it comes to turning up – arriving during a morning break (even if the team building session isn’t until after lunch) helps you to chill and relax in the knowledge that we’re there (even if we aren’t needed yet).

Providing a managed conference team building solution means you and your organising team have the choice of enjoying 90 minutes off or getting involved and enjoying the team building session as a participant without any thought of event management.

Us delivering the event personally protects you from being embarrassed. We don’t want to promise you something that we can’t deliver and then stand there on the day and feel like complete plonkers because we’ve let you down.

We’ve done this team building thing before.

Now what?

In conclusion. When you get saddled with organising the conference team building session – on top of everything else – don’t go it alone.

Don’t undervalue your own time, get someone who knows what they’re doing to do it.

You don’t need to recreate our 22-year team building business (with all the hard lessons we’ve learned over the years) from scratch just for a onetime event.

Let us leverage on our experience, build on your ideas and tailor one our proven team building events to blow your people away.

As a litmus test, you should enjoy the experience with your colleagues or at least have the time to be preparing for the next presentation.

Don’t make it needlessly hard for yourself.

For you as organiser, slotting team building events into your next all hands / strategy day or conference should be easy.

Just get in touch! Get started…

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