Excited team members catch golden tickets in The Dome at EML's Crystal Maze Outdoor team building event.

Outdoor Team Building

Elevating Team Spirit with Premier Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building

Elevating Team Spirit with Premier Outdoor Team Building Activities

Our Outdoor Team Activities

By choosing to partner with EML Team Building, you are making a prudent investment in your team’s future and, by extension, the future of your organisation.

Excited team members catch golden tickets in The Dome at EML's Crystal Maze Outdoor team building event.

Crystal Maze

Dive into the Outdoor Crystal Challenge Team Building Event, a thrilling blend of puzzles and teamwork set to invigorate and unite. Race against the clock to collect crystals and seize your chance in The Dome, where golden tickets await!

Two silhouetted figures stand before the grand entrance of a stately manor at dusk, a scene perfect for the "Team Traitors" themed event. The manor exudes an air of mystery, inviting teams to embark on a detective quest that promises intrigue and camaraderie. The lantern's glow held by one figure casts a warm light on the path, symbolising the guiding clues that participants will follow, weaving through the enigmatic setting to uncover secrets and foster team unity in this captivating, team-building experience.

The Tricksters

Outdoor Tricksters is team building for the traitors – a thrilling fusion of strategy and nature, where roles of deceit and trust dramatically shape your journey. Prepare for an exhilarating outdoor adventure where only the most cohesive can win!

Scavenger Hunt team building adventurers gathered on a London street, showing enthusiastic teamwork and exploration.

Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt across iconic cities, cracking codes and strategising to clinch victory with your team. Discover the ultimate team-building adventure, packed with challenges and fun!

Enthusiastic participants at a Scrapheap Challenge team building event, constructing a project on grass.

Scrapheap Challenge

Get involved in the Scrapheap Challenge, where teamwork meets creativity in a race to build incredible catapults. Will your creation be the pinnacle of innovation or back to the drawing board?

Team member participating in a pedal kart race during a Team Formula 1 team-building event, wearing a helmet decorated with vibrant feathers and balloons.

Team Formula 1

Ignite team spirit and drive collaboration to the finish line with our Team Formula 1 team-building experience. High-speed karting meets strategic team challenges, ensuring an unforgettable, adrenaline-fuelled event. Gear up for the ultimate team building experience – who will take the chequered flag in our Team Formula 1 Challenge?

Team members deeply engaged in deciphering clues in 'Sherlock Holmes and the Hidden Treasure team building' session.

Sherlock Holmes & The Hidden Treasure

Dive into “Sherlock Holmes and the Hidden Treasure,” a team-building treasure hunt that transforms teamwork into an exhilarating adventure. It’s a journey of discovery, bonding, and fun, where every clue solved is a step closer to treasure and stronger team connections.

Outdoor Team Building Activities with EML Team Building

Our outdoor team building activities are not just enjoyable – they are thrilling, engaging, and an opportunity to step out of the office and truly connect with your team. With the potential to be so much more than “just another team building event”; they also serve as strategic tools, designed to bolster team performance, boost morale and make a significant contribution to your organisation’s growth and success.

At EML Team Building we are dedicated to crafting extraordinary outdoor team building activities that are specifically designed to empower and rejuvenate your team. While fun is fundamental, our activities go beyond the norm; they are vibrant instruments aimed at moulding stronger, more cohesive, and top-performing teams, which are crucial for achieving outstanding success in your organisation.

Trust Building Team Building

A Vast Spectrum of Outdoor Team Building Experiences

Benefits of Outdoor Team Building

    What are the benefits of outdoor over indoor team building events?

    Unlike our indoor team building events, outdoor events take place in fresh air, natural sunlight and open spaces. This can boost motivation, encourage physical activity and help your team get the most out of their learning experience. Larger spaces also allow for more participants, easily accommodating groups of 250 or more. If you’d like us to find a suitable venue for your outdoor team building event, we’ll happily find you one free of charge.

    What are the advantages of in-person team building events over virtual events?

    Colleagues interact in a more natural way when they come together in person than when they’re engaging in a virtual team building event. This usually delivers a more immersive experience with improved team bonding and learning.

    What are the benefits of working with EML Team?

    At EML Team, we have over two decades of experience providing team building events to 1000s of teams in internationally-respected companies from Vanguard to Deloitte to Johnson & Johnson. Our unique 5 step team building process allows us to design events that will fulfil your organisational objectives and help you plan for future development. The excellence of our team building events has been recognised by the AI Global Excellence Awards 2021, Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 and C&IT Awards 2019 – to name but a few.

    Outdoor Team Building FAQs

    Event Details

    How many participants can you have in outdoor team building events?

    We can provide intimate outdoor team building events for as few as 8 through to grand events for over 1000. With the right venue, facilitators and equipment, the sky’s the limit. For large numbers of participants, we bring multiple sets of kit, so that everyone can take part in all our activities.

    How many delegates are allowed on a team?

    For events in which delegates work together in smaller groups, like our Soap Box Derby and Crystal Maze, we recommend 8-10 participants per team. This is the perfect number for everyone to contribute in a meaningful way while adding an element of fun competition.

    How much time do your outdoor team building events take?

    From 45 minutes to 1 day depending on your desired outcomes, chosen activity and budget. We can adapt outdoor team building events to suit your timescale. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll work with you to achieve it.

    Can your outdoor team building events be integrated with another corporate event?

    All outdoor team building events can be integrated into other corporate events. Use them as ice breakers or refresher activities at conferences or add longer team building sessions to psychometric workshops. Contact us for an obligation-free chat specific to your event.

    Who are your outdoor team building events for?

    Our outdoor team building events cater for everyone from product and sales teams through to senior management. We can also set the tone to be perfect for client hospitality. If you have a particular audience in mind, let us know and we can design your event with them in mind.

    Where are your outdoor team building events located?

    We operate all over the UK and have venue, facilitator and supplier contacts all over the country – and beyond! If you’d like help finding a venue that’s suitable for your outdoor team building event, we will find one for you free of charge.

    How long does an event take to set up and clear away?

    Set up depends on the size of your event. For example, if we have 20-50 people rotating around 4 outdoor activities, this would take approximately 2 hours to set up and 1 hour to clear away. For larger events, like a full day Team Challenge for 250 participants, we’d be looking at 4 hours to set up and 2 hours to clear away.

    Who are your outdoor team building facilitators?

    All EML Team facilitators are events industry specialists with years of experience facilitating superior team building events. They’re chosen because they’re highly skilled at engaging with delegates to ensure team building experiences are a success.

    How will I know that my outdoor team building event was a success?

    Using our unique 5 step team building process, we can work with you to set clear goals for your outdoor team building event. Then, once the event has taken place, we’ll combine expert insights, performance data and participant feedback to create a Team Impact Report specific to you. This will allow you to evaluate your event effectively and plan for future team development.

    Can I design my own outdoor team building event?

    Absolutely! We have 38 activities for you to choose from to create your own Team Challenge or simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create a bespoke experience just for you. Check out our Southampton Football Club case study where we had teams create free kick machines to increase innovation in the club’s team.

    Do you work internationally?

    We do! We’ve provided outdoor and virtual team building events in Europe, America and even South Africa. Our Code Breaker Treasure Hunts work particularly well overseas where they can be combined with sight-seeing. Asking us to provide events in Europe can also be cost effective since international exchange rates favour the pound.


    Are outdoor team building events hard to organise?

    Not with our help. We’re here to make the whole process effortless. If you’d like us to, we can event manage your team building experience from design through to delivery, taking charge of everything from finding a venue to creating an event itinerary to booking catering. Alternatively, we can follow your lead and slot your team building experience into an event that you’re managing yourself.

    How do you split delegates into teams?

    It’s up to you! You can pick teams yourself, we can decide at random or we can use a combination of the two methods. Sometimes splitting louder team members into different groups can spread the energy and help make your team building event more effective.

    Do I need to give you participants’ details in advance?

    You’ll need to provide all participant names at least 5 days before your event. If you’d like us to send out event invitations for you, we’ll also need email or postal addresses in addition to names. Alternatively, we can send invitations to you and you can forward to delegates. All details you share with us are fully GDPR compliant.

    Can my event be company branded?

    It certainly can! Monsoon banners, feather flags, event itineraries, maps and instructions can all feature your company branding. Get in touch to discuss your options.

    Can you arrange technology to support the event, e.g. AV equipment?

    Yes. After over two decades in the events industry, we know suppliers all over the country who can provide the technology needed to support your event. Simply talk to us and we can figure out which equipment is required and hire it for you.

    Finishing Touches

    Can we start the day with an ice breaker?

    Absolutely! This is a fantastic way to get everyone loosened up and can improve outcomes for your team building event. Choose any of our Team Challenges or ask us to suggest something to get your team ready for the main event.

    Can you create participant event packs to accompany outdoor team building events?

    Yes! Event packs can make your event feel extra special and can be handed out to participants as they arrive or sent out before the big day (for this, we’ll need postal or email addresses at least 7 days before your event). Packs can include company-branded itineraries, maps, name labels, gifts and more. All details you share with us are fully GDPR compliant.

    Do you award prizes to the winners?

    Winners receive ‘gold’ medals, which are included in our price for your event. You’re welcome to add extra gifts or participation prizes, such as chocolates, wine, flowers, diaries, pens, postcards and more. Simply get in touch if you’d like to chat through your options.

    Can you provide legacy materials for our outdoor team building event?

    Absolutely! Team artwork and event photographs can be printed onto canvases, diaries, coffee mugs and office tea towels. The perfect way to remember your team building experience!


    How will I know the EML Team will be there as planned?

    We know relying on an external supplier can be stressful, so we do everything we can to make this process as hassle-free as possible. One week prior to your event, we’ll send a final email confirming everything is ready for your outdoor team building session. Then, on the day, our event managers and facilitators will arrive early and get in touch with you when they’re on-site. They’ll set up in advance of participants arriving, so you can relax knowing that everything is in hand.

    What if it rains?

    In our two decades of providing outdoor team building events, we’ve seen every kind of weather! So, we come prepared. We have pop-up gazebos and waterproof ponchos – and can even arrange hot drinks to stave off the chill. Truth be told, some of our clients like it when the heavens open. It makes it an event to remember nd gives their delegates an extra challenge!

    What if there are problems with the venue, catering or equipment?

    If we’re managing your event for you, we’ll ensure your event unfolds as planned. We’ll act to prevent problems before they arise, resolve them if they do, and be a single point of contact for anything you need on the day.

    Are your outdoor team building events insured?

    Yes. We have £5 million of public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

    Can I change the date of my outdoor team building event?

    Sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean plans have to change. If this happens to you, we will make every effort to move the contracted date of your event with minimal cost. This will depend on other suppliers who may charge a fee to change dates at short notice. If you need to change the date of your event, contact our friendly team and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

    Booking & Pricing

    How much do your outdoor team building events cost?

    The price of your team building event will depend on: Number of participants, venue hire, event duration, catering and level of facilitation. Check out our article on Day Delegate Rates for a rough idea, or contact us for an accurate obligation-free quote on 01905 330660 now!

    Do you offer discounts for bulk team building bookings?

    We’ll certainly consider offering a discount on bulk bookings. Simply get in touch to tell us how many events you’re planning.

    How do I book an outdoor team building event?

    The first step is to drop us a line on 01905 330660 or [email protected]. We can chat through your desired dates, delegate numbers, chosen outcomes and budget. Next, we’ll create an event proposal, including itinerary and pricing, which you can present to your accounts department for approval. Lastly, you’ll fill out a booking form, make payment and we’ll spring into motion to provide a quality team building day just for you.

    How far in advance do I need to book my outdoor team building event?

    6-8 weeks in advance is ideal since it gives us time to book suppliers and find an event venue. If you need something faster, we’re happy to talk it through with you to find out what’s possible. Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

    What if I’m not sure I want to book after speaking with you?

    At EML Team, we’re not interested in the hard sell. We don’t want to deliver a team building event that won’t work for you. That’s why there’s never any pressure to engage our services. We’re happy to talk through your needs and offer free advice. And if you don’t wish to book an event after speaking with us, that’s completely up to you. Simply contact us on +44 (0)1905 330660 or [email protected] for an obligation-free chat.


    Another great staff day from EML!

    This is the 3rd time that we have worked with EML for our staff day and have always found EML to be professional and engaging.

    Tracy Rudge | Rospa

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