Team Traitors

Embark on Outdoor Team Traitors, a thrilling fusion of strategy and nature, where roles of deceit and trust dramatically shape your journey. Prepare for an exhilarating outdoor adventure where only the most cohesive can win!

Participants at a "Team Traitors" team-building event stand with their backs to the camera, facing a grand historic manor illuminated by the evening sky. The lantern one person is holding adds an element of mystery to the setting, enhancing the immersive experience of the outdoor activity designed to develop team cohesion and problem-solving skills in a captivating and atmospheric location.


Problem Solving

Time Management




Multiple Formats:​
60 min to 180 min


10 – 500

Inspired by the beloved TV series, Outdoor Team Traitors brings an element of intrigue and cooperation to the great outdoors. It’s a dynamic test of trust and tactics set against the backdrop of nature.

Participate in a variety of outdoor challenges that will engage your group’s physical and mental abilities. Work together to outdo competing teams, aiming to collect as many gold coins as possible within the time limit.

But there’s a twist. Each player receives an envelope, revealing their role as either “Faithfuls” or “Traitors”. Faithfuls need to identify and isolate the Traitors to ensure team success, while the Traitors must blend in, subtly disrupting their team’s progress.

Amidst the fresh air and natural surroundings, expect a game of strategy and soft betrayals. Success hinges on problem-solving, communication, and leadership. Prepare for an enjoyable yet challenging outdoor experience, where teamwork takes on a whole new meaning.

Outcomes of The Outdoor Team Traitors Team Building Activity

The Team Traitors team-building event is centred around fun and the great outdoors, offering teams a chance to unwind and bond in the fresh air. This engaging and memorable outdoor experience encourages light-hearted dialogue and trust-building, crucial for pinpointing the ‘Traitors’ among the group. Challenges are designed to be enjoyable and thought-provoking, promoting problem-solving and strategic thinking amidst nature’s backdrop.

In this invigorating outdoor setting, leadership skills organically develop as participants navigate through playful yet impactful decisions. While the focus is on uncovering ‘Traitors’, the essence of the event is in bringing ‘Faithfuls’ together, leveraging their collective strengths in a supportive and entertaining environment. The event ensures that, amidst skill development and team bonding, enjoyment and the refreshing outdoors remain at the heart of the experience, fostering a positive, cohesive team spirit.


This event, “Team Traitors,” is inspired by common themes found in popular culture and television shows, but is an independent and original creation. It is not officially affiliated with, endorsed by, or connected to any specific television show or its creators. All content, activities, and concepts related to “Team Traitors” are the property of our organisation and are designed to provide unique and engaging team-building experiences. Any resemblance to specific television shows or other media is purely coincidental and not intended to infringe on any intellectual property rights.

Trust Building Team Building

We have had lots of positive feedback from many members of staff.

They really enjoyed all the activities and felt that it allowed them to have fun and to get to know colleagues better. Thank you!

Catherine Evans-Jones | Berkshire NHS

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