EML Team Building specializes in creating bespoke and interactive team building experiences. Our offerings range from various engaging activities to customised events tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

One of our standout services is a bespoke interactive walking tour around a city of your choice, closely related to our popular scavenger hunt, which can be found here. https://emlteambuilding.co.uk/corporate-outdoor-team-building-activities/scavenger-hunt/  However, when Pinsent Masons approached us for something entirely out of the ordinary, we were ready to deliver.

Who are Pinsent Masons?

Pinsent Masons, a renowned international law firm, has a strong presence in the legal industry with offices across the globe. They have a significant workforce that spans multiple regions, and their headquarters is located in Birmingham. 

Pinsent Masons team building bespoke walking tour accross birmingham. a happy team picture of them just getting started.

What was their team building challenge?

Pinsent Masons faced a unique challenge: they needed an exceptional team building activity that could cater to a diverse group of employees from different parts of the UK, all gathered at their headquarters in Birmingham. They wanted an activity that showcased the best of their hometown, Birmingham, and was engaging for team members of all ages and demographics. This task required something beyond an off-the-shelf solution; they needed a bespoke team building experience that would leave a lasting impression.

Pinsent Masons bespoke team building event - team members climb a fence in a walking tour of birmingham
Pinsent Masons bespoke team building event - team members climb a fence in a walking tour of birmingham

How did EML’s bespoke team building activity meet Pinsent Masons requirements?

To address these challenges, EML Team Building designed a customized interactive walking tour around Birmingham. One of our founders, Neil Cleaver, took personal responsibility for ensuring this event was a showstopper.

We initiated the process with an initial discovery call with Sue Gilchrist, the event organizer at Pinsent Masons, followed by two production calls to ensure the senior team was satisfied and on board with the plans.

The event started at Aston University, as requested by the client. The walking tour was filled with engaging activities and challenges tailored to the team’s diverse interests and demographics. The route highlighted Birmingham’s best spots, combining history, culture, and entertainment. 

What were the results? 

The tour concluded at the Jam House, seamlessly transitioning into their after-party in Birmingham. The positive outcomes included enhanced team cohesion, improved morale, and a memorable experience that strengthened their connection to each other. 

The bespoke walking tour was a resounding success. The team from Pinsent Masons had a fantastic time, as evidenced by the enthusiastic feedback and numerous photos capturing the fun. The winning team scored an impressive 550 points, and participants across all age groups and interests expressed their delight.

Team celebrates their victory at the Jam house in Birmingham

Customer Feedback

Sue Gilchrist, the event organizer at Pinsent Masons, said:

I liked it. The team seemed to enjoy the event, and the winners certainly celebrated! Neil was incredibly responsive, and very friendly and helpful. Thanks!”

team celebrates after bespoke team building session by EML Team Building

The Conclusion? 

The bespoke interactive walking tour provided by EML Team Building significantly benefited Pinsent Masons by delivering a unique and engaging team-building experience. The event not only met but exceeded their expectations, showcasing Birmingham in the best possible light and creating lasting memories for all participants.


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