Chocolatiers Challenge

Unleash your team’s creativity with our Chocolatiers Challenge, an indulgent chocolate making adventure that promises unforgettable team building and delicious outcomes!






Multiple Formats:

60 min to 180 min​


10 – 500 People

Our Chocolatiers Challenge is indoor team building with a sweet tooth!

Treat your team to a chocolate making experience they’ll never forget.

In this challenge, teams have to design a range of quality chocolates and work together to realise their dreams. In a nod to The Apprentice, they have to pitch their creations to our board of Chocolate Experts, who will choose a winning range.

Chocolate making team building is great for improving project planning, communication and teamwork. Culminating in tasting your own delicious creations, this premium event is marvellous for client hospitality or thanking your team for a job well done. Speak to our team to design your session with desired outcomes in mind –  whether it’s to enhance communication or to spend the day surrounded by chocolate!

Outcomes of Chocolatiers Challenge Team Building Activity

In this Chocolate Making Team Building Challenge, teams have to generate and discuss ideas, execute a plan, and pitch their solution. For this reason, chocolate making team building is fabulous for improving teamwork, communication and project planning skills…

Who are we kidding!? If you want to book this event for pure fun, that’s great too! It’s the most mouthwatering team building challenge there is!

Resource Management Team Building

All EML team members did an amazing job.

Especially considering the heat of our office and how tired colleagues were by the end of a very busy week event. The EML team managed to turn this around and made it a great ending to the full event. Any query I had was immediately and confidently reassured.

Aaron Fillis | Corteva

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