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Discover “The Tricksters,” a thrilling traitors team building game where trust and strategy collide. Who will expose the secret team traitors whilst tackling tasks that enhance team unity?


Problem Solving


Time Management


Multiple Formats:

60 min to 180 min​


10 – 500 People

The Tricksters will have you questioning your teammates’ intentions whilst solving tricky challenges.

This is the ultimate challenge of teamwork, trust and sabotage.

Take on various team challenges that will test your mental agility and physical skills. Working together to beat the opposing teams before the time runs out, the aim is to win as many gold coins as possible.

There is a catch… everyone is given an envelope that determines which teammates are “Faithfuls” and which are “Traitors”. The role of the Faithfuls is to find the Traitors amongst the team and banish them from the tasks, whilst the Traitors try to stay undetected to hamper their team’s efforts…

Chaos ensues with ruthless tactics and double crossing from the Traitors. Players need to incorporate skills like, problem solving, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills in order to win the day. Treacherously good fun!

Outcomes of The Tricksters Indoor Team Building

Participating in an immersive team-building activity like “The Tricksters,” has numerous positive effects on team dynamics and collaboration within a group. It stimulates team cohesion by creating shared experiences and challenges that strengthen team bonds.

Effective communication skills are honed as participants must communicate clearly and efficiently to make decisions and tackle problems. This activity encourages problem-solving and creative thinking, enhances decision-making under pressure, nurtures leadership development, and promotes constructive conflict resolution.

Trust-building, time management, adaptability, and celebrating successes are integral components, fostering teamwork and continuous improvement. Ultimately, this engaging and enjoyable experience revitalises team morale and motivation while imparting valuable skills for effective workplace collaboration.

“The Tricksters” is highly adaptable. Book it as a 90 minute activity that forms part of your corporate event or as a 3 hour standalone team building activity. It also makes fabulous evening entertainment for daylong events.


This event, “The Tricksters,” is inspired by common themes found in popular culture and television shows, but is an independent and original creation. It is not officially affiliated with, endorsed by, or connected to any specific television show or its creators. All content, activities, and concepts related to “Team Tricksters” are the property of our organisation and are designed to provide unique and engaging team-building experiences. Any resemblance to specific television shows or other media is purely coincidental and not intended to infringe on any intellectual property rights.

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It was really good!

Thanks so much for providing us with such a fun activity.

Evie Suggett | Enable

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