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Here’s just a handful of our unique Team Building Activities

We don’t do generic – all of our team building activities for businesses are unique. From company values, to brand colours and everything in between, we make your team building event YOURS.

Bridge Building Team Building Activity

Bridge Building

Build bridges between tables to transport a remote control car around your conference room for a high energy finish.

Taskmaster Team Building Activity


Inspired by the TV show. Get ready for High-energy, competitive fun.

Animated participants at a Lego Master Builders team-building event experience a moment of surprise while building a Lego structure.

Lego Master Builders

Face communication, supply and time challenges as you build a Lego structure with your team.

Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activity

Scavenger Hunt

Set in the city of your choice, our team treasure hunts combine sightseeing and entertainment with mental and physical challenges – truly unforgettable.

Excited team members catch golden tickets in The Dome at EML's Crystal Maze Outdoor team building event.

Crystal Maze

Teams must compete on a series of indoor or outdoor team challenges before going head to head in our giant inflatable dome. Great fun!

A group of smiling participants proudly displaying their "Team Traitors" game cards at a team-building event. The lively atmosphere is filled with camaraderie and friendly competition, captured as they engage in a fun and interactive game that encourages team bonding and strategic thinking in a relaxed dining setting, enhancing their collective experience.

The Tricksters – NEW

The Tricksters Event will have you questioning your teammates intentions whilst solving tricky challenges. Traitor or Faithful?

Group of co-workers holding up fishing nets in triumph at a Chain Reaction team building event.

Chain Reaction

Teams must collaborate as a wider organisation to build a series of machines against the clock. Can they trigger a chain reaction in time?

A group of CSI Murder Mystery team building event staff posing as police officers at the "police desk" with themed branding.

CSI Murder Mystery

Dare to solve the chilling murder of Sir Monty Smithe in our CSI Murder Mystery? It’s a thrilling blend of suspense, teamwork, and fun!

A focused group of team members in an "Art Attack team building" event, carefully painting a large canvas together, which demonstrates their joint effort and artistic cooperation.

Art Attack

Transform your team into a masterpiece with this creative team workshop. Recreate famous works of art or a create a piece that represents your organisation.

Our team

We exist to help each and every team we work with be even more awesome. For over 20 years we’ve used team building events to help teams thrive, succeed and make a difference.

When we aren’t using our magic touch on live team building events we work together to develop our activities. Each member of our team has been purposely selected and with the best team in tow, we know we are delivering the best team building experiences on the market.

Get the kudos you deserve and organise the team building event no-one will forget

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Above and beyond

We know organising a conference, off site or residential can be a pain.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

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Time is often of the essence with these things so we aim to keep the proposal process as quick and seamless as possible. Most proposals are out within 24 Hours!


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No time to find venues? Not sure where to start? We’ll do the hunting for you. Receive 2 qualified venue suggestions in London to suit your time, date and budget without the hassle.

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Peace of Mind

We are an industry-leading team building, team development and event management company with over 20 years’ experience. If you’re looking for highly engaged employees and high-performing teams that achieve results then we can help.

Help your team thrive & succeed with first class team building activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s this for?

EML Team Building is for Teams of more than 8 people who are looking to supercharge their team either at their next all hands meeting or conference, or as a stand alone event.

How can we put our own stamp on it?

Typically we book a leadership call to establish desired outcomes and tailor your experience to your needs. From brand colours and logos, to mission and vision statements we can include anything necessary to make your workshop YOURS.

I need the information ASAP, how long will this take?

You would usually have your team building proposal within 24 hours. Sometimes the conference venue search can take a little longer but we’re usually ready to go within 48 hours – so not too long!

What do we need to do in advance?

Absolutely nothing! We can contact your venue for you, provide detailed risk assessments, and we can happily book a call with you to go through any details or answer any questions you may have. All you really need to do is simply arrive on the day with your team and an open mind.

Do we need a conference venue?

We can deliver virtually or live. if you’d like help sourcing a venue we can do that for you. If you already have one – That’s great! We’re happy to liaise with their conference and banqueting team to ensure that everything we propose is a perfect fit for your event.

Ok, so what happens next?

To get your hands on a tailored team building proposal simply request a quote following the link below, complete the form and we’ll get started.

Ready to run an awesome team building event?

Request a quote and you’ll soon have all the information you need to run a successful Team Building Event!


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