MBTI Workshop for graduate employees from ECCO

6th December 2021

MBTI Workshop for graduate employees from ECCO, a Danish company world-famous for their supply of leather goods globally

EML Team have worked with ECCO for a number of years, carrying our MBTI workshops for their graduate employees.  The purpose of these workshops is to determine what personality traits each person has and these traits best work both within the business and their interaction with colleagues.  The workshops, running over three days, included a range of physical and mental challenges designed to test their communication, teamwork and time management skills whilst focusing very much on their MBTI results, all in a very non-threatening, fun way.

Finding the Purpose

We took our client through our 5 step process to tailor an event to their unique needs. Our consultants identified 3 key areas of focus for their event:

  1. Inclusivity: The event needed to demonstrate the results of the MBTI questionnaires and the ‘classroom session’ carried out by ECCO staff in a range of physical and mental challenges.
  2. Bonding: It needed to encourage the participants to understand how their MBTI result would help them work smarter within the organisation and with others.
  3. Context: To understand how best to develop their personality trait to help them on their ECCO journey.

Tailoring the Event

We tailored our MBTI workshop events to ECCO’s requirements giving all participants the ability to learn more about their MBTI personality assessment result thus meeting requirement 1.

We also created challenges to be lightly competitive but not too hard to enable everyone to have fun and network with one another. This met requirement 2.

We chose an experienced EML Team lead presenter to contextualise the session. This met requirement 3.

Delivering the Team Building Event

Our experienced MBTI facilitator from EML Team arrived in Denmark for the three day event, the first day was spent discussing the results of the MBTI questionnaire completed online prior to the event. Our MBTI facilitator explained how the results could shape and develop both professional and personal development.

The following 2 days were spent taking part in an array of team challenges designed to both test participants but also to develop communication.  Challenges such as Colour Blind, Building Bridges and Human Sheepdog were tweaked to complement the MBTI workshop.

Throughout the event, our MBTI facilitator was monitoring everyone to ensure the client received a detailed report on performance.

Successful Outcome

Everyone who took part in this event found the MBTI workshops extremely educational and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and the chance to interact with colleagues. ECCO was delighted with the outcome.

Want to talk to us about creating a MBTI Workshop? Get in touch on +44 (0)1905 330660 for an obligation-free chat about what you’re looking for. 

MBTI Workshop for graduate employees from ECCO

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