Values based conference team building workshop

17th May 2022

The Internal Communications Manager at Southampton Football Club contacted us to discuss a values based conference team building event to showcase their new business ‘identities’ namely:

  • We Are Brave
  • We Are Humble
  • We Are Resilient
  • We Are Agile
  • We Are All In

Following an initial strategy piece delivered by their CEO our client wanted to outline the 5 new identities to the audience before bringing them off the page with some kind of interactive, relevant, values based conference team building activity for each.

The client decided that they would handle ‘Be Humble’ as a part of their conference presentations with a powerful interview with Marieanne Spacey – Cale – their Women’s’ First Team Manager – renowned for her humility despite her huge successes in the women’s game.

Tailoring The Event

We presented some ideas for adapted, breakout, team building activities including:

  • An ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ inspired team activity for We Are Brave
  • An adapted team challenge game wherein the rules constantly change for Be Agile
  • A facilitated discussion on moments of resilience participants were personally very proud of over the last 24 months (during the COVID pandemic) for We Are Resilient.
  • A craft /art-based activity with all 300 delegates each creating a self-portrait human figure which all hold hands to denote that although unique… ‘We Are All In.

Knowing her people (as any great internal communications manager does) our client’s feedback that, “although nearly there, the activities could be better!”, inspired us to raise the bar still further. ????

Several additional eye watering ‘We Are Brave’ challenges later and far more nuance and subtlety woven into the delivery and flow of the facilitated ‘We Are Resilient’ – we were ready sign off and start work on this exciting values based conference team building event..

Delivering the Values Based Conference Team Building Event

We used a team of 8 plus another 4 helpers from Southampton FC’s HR team in order to engage the 300 delegates across 4 ‘identity’ inspired activity zones dotted around St Mary’s Stadium.

Although we had timings in place. The presentations and the amazing interview with Marieanne overran slightly but we were quickly able to co-ordinate and adapt the activity timing seamlessly (this always happens – it’s live!! ????).

After an initial briefing from EML cofounder and lead facilitator Neil Cleaver from the conference stage the 4 zones opened and off we went.

Values based conference team building event 3 Values based conference team building event Values based conference team building event 2

Successful Outcome?

How would you rate the suitability of the event / workshop to your needs? (1 poor / 10 great) = 10

How would you rate the facilitator(s) delivery? (1 poor / 10 great) = 10

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“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your fabulous team for an amazing event today.

Brilliant facilitation, you really understood our needs and worked with us to create something amazing.

Feedback from staff has been really positive.  They were engaged, and it really did support us in our messaging.

It was a huge success, lots of smiles, laughter and some teeth picking following on from the “We are Brave” session.

See you again soon for some future events!

Thank you again!!”

Kind regards

Claire – Internal Communications Manager, SFC

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