6 Team Building Activities To Build Unity

8th October 2021

Whether you have an achievement to celebrate or you want to boost morale and unity within your team, a team building activity can help! With such a wide variety on offer at EML Team, there’s something for every occasion and every team.

From challenging outdoor activities to psychometric workshops, detective training to chocolate making, you’ll be able to find the perfect activity to build unity and improve communication within your team for a more peaceful and productive workplace. If you’re looking to boost unity in your team, why not try one of these five activities?

1) Art Factory Team Building

Harness your creative side by making a masterpiece with your team in our Art Factory. Display your beautiful creations in your office as a memento of your activity. You can draw, paint or sculpt your way to better unified communication within your team and using art is both relaxing and inspiring and may lead to new fantastic ideas.

2) Lego Building Challenge

Revisit your childhood by working with your team on a challenging and complex Lego building. You’ll develop logical thinking, collaboration and interaction skills as the information is shared out amongst your team members – you’ll have to cooperate to complete the task successfully!

3) Psychometric Workshops

With your team, you can explore the commonly used personality profiling tools like MBTI, Belbin Team Roles, Insights Discovery and Everything DiSC. With a better understanding of how different personality types function and thrive, team managers will be more able to support their team’s relationships, productivity, and communication.

4) Chocolatiers Challenge

Develop your team cooperation by creating your own unique chocolate range in our Chocolatiers Challenge! Discover how to mix flavours, temper chocolate and more. You can have a fun, relaxed in-house competition to see who will make the most delicious chocolate. This is a brilliant way to reward or boost teamwork in your team.

5) Building Bridges 

Avoid competition and share resources with other teams as you undertake a challenging project as a wider organisation in this superb team building activity. Building Bridges is a versatile, meaningful and fun team build.

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So there you have it – just a few of the activities that we run at EML Team.

You can learn new skills, develop an understanding of how different personality profiles work together, or just let your hair down and have fun away from the workplace to increase motivation, energy and team unity.


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