Virtual Taskmasters

A quirky yet captivating, dynamic, and interactive team-building event set in the virtual realm. Creative challenges reveal unexpected talents and fortify connections, providing a hilarious experience with valuable insights into your team’s dynamics.

Smiling Facilitator sitting in front of a 'TASKMASTERS' sign during a virtual team building session, embodying leadership and engagement for remote Virtual Taskmasters events.



Time Management

Problem Solving

Lateral Thinking


Multiple Formats:​
60 min to 180 min


8 – 1000

Welcome to Virtual Taskmasters, an exhilarating online team-building adventure, drawing inspiration from a beloved TV programme.

This virtual event is packed with dynamic and competitive fun, crafted to strengthen team bonds like never before. Participants are greeted by an animated host, who divides them into teams for a series of engaging, time-pressured tasks, testing creativity and cooperation through a blend of imaginative challenges.

Teams, guided by the Virtual Taskmaster, dive into a variety of tasks, from constructing digital structures to recreating iconic film scenes in a virtual setting, each designed to spotlight every member’s unique talents. The emphasis is on innovative solutions and teamwork, encouraging participants to complete tasks with flair and originality. This competition stirs a lively atmosphere of camaraderie and friendly rivalry, prompting the question of which team will cleverly outperform the rest and emerge triumphant.

Virtual Taskmasters offers more than just entertainment; it’s an opportunity for team members to connect, laugh, and triumph over whimsical challenges together. This digital adventure ensures that each peculiar and magnificent task brings your team closer, making it an ideal choice for reinforcing team dynamics and creating lasting memories. Whether as part of a corporate event or a standalone team-building day, Virtual Taskmasters promises a memorable bonding experience.

Outcomes of Virtual Taskmasters Team Building

First off – Taskmasters, weather virtual or live, is GREAT FUN! Through the tears of laughter, teams must employ problem-solving, time management, and communication skills to conquer the tasks set by their Virtual Taskmaster. They must swiftly discuss ideas and collaborate to decipher each challenge.

The eclectic nature of these tasks make it a wacky event, that also offers organisational leaders outstanding insight into team performance across various activities, for those wanting an element of severity. Identifying areas for improvement, pinpointing strong leadership qualities, and recognising who may require additional support are surprisingly all facilitated by this experience.

These insights can be leveraged to enhance your team’s performance in the workplace, all while providing a memorable team bonding experience. Virtual Taskmasters is highly flexible, bookable as a 90-minute activity integrated into your corporate event or as a stand-alone team building day. It also serves as excellent evening entertainment for day-long events.

Collaboration Team Building

Very professional and engaging company to work with.

Great ideas and energy on the day resulted in some excellent staff feedback.

Jenny James | ROSPA

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