What to Do After an Introductory Myers Briggs (MBTI) Workshop

11th October 2021

What to Do After an Introductory Myers Briggs (MBTI) Workshop

Oct 11, 2021

Designing an effective team development programme underpinned by MBTI means investing in introductory sessions followed by more detailed MBTI sessions. These address the ‘now what?’ question and are well worth the investment.

In this blog, we’ll discuss four areas of focus for follow up applied MBTI workshops (part of our Team Performance Accelerator) and some of the questions they can help you answer.

A well delivered Introduction to MBTI workshop should leave your team more cohesive and equipped with a new framework with which to discuss the dynamics at play within your group.

Its very common for teams to allocate half a day for an MBTI session. Realistically from a standing start a good Facilitator can take a team from no knowledge of MBTI to a point wherein they understand the language and have grasped most of the concepts behind psychological preferences and what it could mean for them personally.

It’s less common in a half day time frame for a facilitator to have begun to apply the theory to the reality of their team and actually come up with something tangible. Time and again these half day MBTI sessions, when run well, serve only to lay the foundation upon which to build a high performing team and to whet their appetites for more. Then the session ends, then the reports go back in the top drawer, then MBTI theory gets forgotten and finally the investment of your time and money in your team is lost.

Answering the question of ‘now what?’ is of key importance to designing an effective team development programme underpinned by MBTI. As alluded to above, you won’t be able to achieve this in a half day session from a standing start so you need to be prepared to invest a little more time and money in this BUT it is the MBTI sessions that address ‘now what?’ that are the most important and they are well worth the investment.

Here are four areas of focus for standalone, follow up applied MBTI workshops and some of the questions that MBTI can help you to answer:

Using MBTI to Communicate More Effectively

How can you use MBTI to help you design more effective meetings? How do you communicate to your team’s stakeholders more efficiently? How accurate is your team’s nonverbal communication and how can it be improved?

Creating a High Performing Team with MBTI 

How do you best structure critical feedback through the lens of MBTI? How do you hold each to account? How will the team react to managing constructive conflict? How do you celebrate success together in order to include as many people as possible?

Supporting Each Other

How do you spot early signs of stress within colleagues by using MBTI? How can we recognise signs of stress in our own behaviour? How do we use type preferences to diffuse stress within your team? What does ‘in the grip’ mean and how to avoid it?

Using MBTI to Drive Change

How do different ‘types react to change? What steps can we take to make the change more palatable to your team? How does the way we plan for change affect your team dynamic?

Increasing ROI

Finding the time to answer these questions in additional workshops will exponentially increase your return on investment from MBTI. Bringing the MBTI theory ‘off the paper’ and focusing it on real world outcomes makes the tool far more relevant to your team and organisation.

Don’t settle for a tick box MBTI session before going back to your bad old ways. Apply the tool and get some real results!

What would a high-performing, fully aligned team do for your Organisation’s bottom line?

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