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Booking Terms & Conditions

a) For the purpose for this document EML, Event Management and Logistics Ltd shall be referred to as EML.

b) A deposit invoice will be issued by EML upon signing and returning this Booking Form. The deposit is payable prior to delivery of the event.  The size of the deposit required is calculated as follows:

Date of signing the booking form in relation to the first event date as outlined above. More than 90 Days 0 – 89 Days
Deposit requested. 65% 100%

The balance of any pre-agreed extras will be due upon delivery of the Event Programme.

c) Any extras requested after the client returns a signed booking form will be presented to the client post event in the form of an extras invoice. This invoice is payable within 28 days. If the balance is not paid within this time a charge of 8% per week will be charged on top of existing monies owed.

d) Items not quoted for in the brief and requested later by the client may be subject to an organisational fee.

e) The monies paid are accepted in payment of the agreed total cost of the agreed booking. Should any booking be cancelled by the client then EML shall be entitled to some of the monies owed or paid as outlined below in clause F.

f) Notice of cancellation – for non Covid-19 reasons, must be made by the person who signed the booking form. This must be in writing by recorded delivery or registered post. If cancellation occurs the following cancellation charges will be payable by the customer:-

Period before the date of commencement of the programme within which written cancellation is received:

Date of Cancellation More than 90 Days 0 – 89 Days
Charge 65% 100%

g) Notice of cancellation – for Covid-19 reasons, must be made by the person who signed the booking form. This must be in writing by email AND phone a call where you speak to EML Team. If cancellation occurs and the event cannot proceed due to change of government guidance in social distancing or local lockdowns, the event may be postponed for up to 6 months from the event delivery date to a mutually acceptable date.

h) Every effort will be made to operate all programmes offered and booked, but EML reserve the right (at its discretion) or in the clear interest of the client to modify or cancel any programme, schedule, accommodation, travel or other arrangement at any time before commencement of the programme. In the case of any material modification or of cancellation, EML will, if possible, offer alternative arrangements, or, if accommodation is affected, use its best endeavours to provide an alternative in the same area and of the same quality.

i) Prices quoted are based on costings relevant to the event at time of quotation and shall be accurate for 30 days. After this time, unless agreed upon, EML reserve the right to re-cost the event.

j) EML undertakes to use its best efforts in making arrangements with carriers, hoteliers, owners of private houses and others for itineraries and programmes, offered and booked by EML. EML gives notice that all arrangements for transport or for accommodation, itineraries, programmes, meals or entertainment are made by EML. As agents upon the express condition that EML shall not be liable for:-

Any loss or injury, damage or accident to any persons or goods whatsoever and howsoever the same may be caused.
Any cancellation of programme (beyond EML’s control), deviations or delays

k) If the programme is arranged directly with EML all correspondence will be sent to the customer at the address specified on the bookings form. If the arrangements are made through a third party all communications from the company will be sent to the agent who, as regards communication from EML to the customer, is the agent of the customer. All monies to the third party are held by the third party as the agent of the customer until the booking is accepted and thereafter as agent of EML.

l) The customer must pay the specified amount as shown in the invoice presented. This invoice will show the sum agreed upon in the contract, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. The booking is not accepted until the contract is exchanged by both parties and dated. Alteration or cancellation by a customer of an accepted booking will be subject to the provisions of clause E of these conditions.

m) In particular and without prejudice EML shall not be liable for any cancellation, delays, deviations or changes in the programme caused by war, riot, civil commotion, terrorism, industrial dispute, disaster, disease, technical problems with transport, bad weather, accident, illness or other matters beyond EMLs’ control.

n) EMLs’ total liability for any one claim or for the total of all claims arising from any one act of a default of EML (whether the claim arises from the company’s negligence or otherwise) shall not exceed £5,000,000.

o) The contract shall be governed by English Law; all disputes arising in connection with the contract shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

p) EML shall not be liable for any alleged breach of the expressed or implied terms of this contract, whether the alleged breach is caused by negligence of EML or its agents or otherwise unless written notice of a claim is served by the customer on EML by registered post or recorded delivery within 14 days after any such alleged breach.