Event coordinator managing a Virtual Game Show Quiz team building session with multiple screens and headsets, emphasizing organized virtual event execution and teamwork

Virtual Team Building

Boost Your Team’s Spirit with Top Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building

Boost Your Team’s Spirit with Top Virtual Team Building Activities

Our Virtual Team Activities

Choosing EML Team Building for your virtual team building is a smart move for your team’s future and the success of your organisation.

Event coordinator managing a Virtual Game Show Quiz team building session with multiple screens and headsets, emphasizing organized virtual event execution and teamwork

Gameshow Quiz

Step into the Virtual Game Show Quiz, an electrifying digital event that reignites the enchantment of classic UK TV game shows, offering far more than the average quiz night. With a dynamic host at the helm, this virtual extravaganza is filled with laughter, excitement, and nostalgia.

Event facilitator applauding in front of a laptop and corporate branding during a Virtual CSI Murder Mystery team building session, promoting team morale and participation.

Virtual CSI Murder Mystery

Embark on a virtual CSI Murder Mystery to solve Sir Monty Smithe’s murder, fostering team unity and enhancing problem-solving skills in an immersive, collaborative, and thrilling digital team-building adventure.

Smiling Facilitator sitting in front of a 'TASKMASTERS' sign during a virtual team building session, embodying leadership and engagement for remote Virtual Taskmasters events.

Virtual Taskmasters

A quirky yet captivating, dynamic, and interactive team-building event set in the virtual realm. Creative challenges reveal unexpected talents and fortify connections, providing a hilarious experience with valuable insights into your team’s dynamics.

Making Corporate Teamwork Fun with Online Activities

We’re all about creating virtual team building activities that really bring your team together, no matter where they are. We believe in making things fun, but our activities are more than just a good time. They’re designed to make your team stronger, more connected, and ready to tackle anything, which is super important if you want to succeed.

Our virtual team building activities are a blast. They’re a great way for your team to connect and have a good time, even if they’re just sitting at home. But they’re also more than just fun and games. They’re a way to make your team work better together, which can really help your organisation grow.

Image displaying a screen of smiling individuals waving in a video call, participating in a Virtual Game Show Quiz team building activity, showcasing collaboration and enjoyment in a remote setting.

A Variety of Virtual Team Building Fun

Benefits of Virtual Team Building

    What are the benefits of virtual team building?

    Virtual team building offers the chance to: Run an event on a budget by saving venue and travel costs; Bring international teams together quickly and easily; Remove long distance travel and its environmental impact, and; Build your team while keeping members socially distanced. If you’d prefer in-person events check out our indoor team building and outdoor team building options.

    How do virtual team building events positively affect the team?

    Virtual team building events allow team members to engage with one another in a fun, low stakes environment. This helps create genuine human connection, insights into one another’s knowledge base, skills and personality, and helps improve trust and communication.

    What are the benefits of working with EML Team?

    We have over two decades of experience providing team building events to over 6000 teams in globally-respected companies from Deloitte to KPMG to Danone. This means we’re adept at designing events that meet your organisational objectives. The excellence of our team building events has been recognised by the AI Global Excellence Awards 2021, Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 and C&IT Awards 2019 – to name but a few.

    Virtual Team Building Events FAQs 

    Virtual Event Details

    Are remote team building events fun?

    Absolutely! We’ve put our two decades of experience into designing remote events that are fun for your team – and our reviews speak volumes. The key is ensuring participation, visual appeal and interaction – and our events have buckets of these!

    Who are your virtual team building events for?

    Our virtual events cater for everyone from product & sales teams through to senior managers. They are great for virtual conference entertainment, new staff intakes, team bonding, company fun days, anniversary celebrations and client hospitality.

    Are your virtual events hosted live?

    All virtual events are hosted live by our experienced event managers. Managers welcome guests, organise them into teams, set tasks, share gaming links, explain rules and offer help or encouragement where needed. For events in which your larger group is split into smaller, competing teams, we assign 1 event manager to every 4 teams. They’re there to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish so you can relax and enjoy the experience!

    Do you divide people into smaller groups?

    Most of our virtual team building events begin with all team members in the same virtual meeting room. Here, our host will begin by welcoming all players, explaining the rules and sharing gaming links, as needed. Players are often then split into smaller teams of 8-10 people to complete the chosen challenge. This allows greater engagement from each player and enables teams to compete against one another, adding to the fun. We then bring everyone back together to announce the results and congratulate the winners at the end! If you’d prefer an event in which your whole group takes part together, we can also cater for this.

    How many people can take part in a virtual event?

    The sky’s the limit! We’ve delivered virtual events for as few as 8 people to as many as 600 people. And to do this successfully we have many tricks up our sleeves for keeping everyone engaged. Simply let us know how many people you’d like to cater for, what sort of event you’d like to run, and we’ll put a virtual team building event together that ticks all the boxes.

    How long do your virtual team building events last?

    Typically anywhere from 15-90 minutes for off-the-peg virtual events. We can also provide half-day or full day event managed virtual conferences, tailoring our offering to your desired length.

    Can I design my own virtual team event?

    Yes. We can create a virtual event that’s entirely unique to your organisation using our 5 step team building process. Add a haka learning experience… a virtual treasure hunt… a team building quiz… the possibilities are endless. Get in touch to chat your ideas through with a member of our friendly team.

    Can you run virtual events across different time zones?

    We’re more than happy to accommodate different time zones and have done this many times for international clients. For brands who have offices around the globe, we’ve run rolling virtual events with start times staggered around the UK clock so they can all start at 9am local time. What can we say? It keeps us young!


    Are virtual team building events hard to organise?

    With our support, absolutely not. We can guide you in the design, planning and delivery of your virtual team building event so that it is as easy for you as possible. Of course, some clients want to be more involved and we’re more than happy to accommodate this. Simply let us know how much support you’d like and we’ll work with you every step of the way. Get in touch today on 01905 330660.

    Can I decide who goes in a team together?

    Yes. This can be helpful for balancing teams and personality types. You can choose who goes into which teams, we can randomly assign teams or use a mixture of the two methods. Whichever works best for you.

    Do I need to provide you with everyone’s details in advance?

    No, we only need to know one contact detail for the day and then a list of the teams is sufficient a few days prior to the event.All details you share with us are fully GDPR compliant.

    Can you put my company branding on my remote team building event?

    All virtual team building events can be personalised with your company logo and brand colours. Contact us to discuss your options!


    Do you offer demos of your remote team building events?

    We offer 20-30 minute demo sessions in which you can experience our virtual team building games live, see the software in action and ask any questions. There’s no pressure to book, so why not book your free demo today?

    Which platform do you use to run virtual events?

    We use a variety of platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex. If you’d like a specific platform, simply tell us when booking your event. 

    How do I know there won’t be technical difficulties on the day?

    All our virtual events are tried and tested and delivered via reliable software. We can also make your virtual event link available to you 2 hours prior to your event. This allows you to test your connection in ample time for any problems to be fixed before your event.

    Can you work with our IT team to set up our virtual event?

    We certainly can. We’re experienced in working seamlessly with in-house IT teams to set up meeting room architecture and other technical options to ensure a successful, high-value virtual team event that achieves your goals. 

    Finishing Touches

    Can you post items out to accompany a remote team building event?

    Certainly! Some virtual team building events are brought to life by posting out physical items for attendees to use during the event. Want to send novelty detective glasses for a CSI Murder Mystery or a personalised notepad for the Race Across the World Quiz? We can do it all! We need a list of addresses and time to post packs out before your event (usually a minimum of 7 working days, though branded items can take longer to print and dispatch). Talk to our team to discuss your options. All details shared with us are fully GDPR compliant.

    Do you award prizes to the winning teams

    Yes! As standard, we include a £5 online shopping voucher for each member of your winning team in the costing for your virtual event. But you can customise prizes however you like – increase the voucher amount or change the prize to a travel mug, notepad and pen set, Rubiks cube or something else. Some clients award prizes to multiple teams, others award participation prizes to everyone. It’s up to you! We can chat through your options when making arrangements for your event.

    Can you create legacy materials for us to remember our event by?

    Absolutely. This works really well for artwork created by your team members during Create Your Own Superhero and for photographs taken of your team during your event. Either way, we’ll get our graphic artist to create a unique design that can be printed onto everything from canvases to tea towels to diaries. A perfect way to remember your virtual team building experience!


    What if my team are Zoomed out?

    We know the feeling! That’s why our virtual team building events are highly interactive and feature experienced hosts who can change pace to keep team members engaged. If you think your team would prefer an in-person event, take a look at our options for indoor team building, outdoor team building and psychometric workshops. 

    What if I need to change the date of my remote team building event?

    We understand that sometimes plans change – that’s life! For your peace of mind, we offer a Flexible Booking Guarantee on all our virtual events. This allows you to postpone your booking for up to 4 months without losing your deposit by giving us 14 days notice.

    Are your remote team building events insured?

    They are. We have £5 million of public liability insurance so that, in the unlikely event a problem should arise, you’re covered.

    Booking & Pricing

    Do I need to know exactly what I want before I speak with you?

    Absolutely not! Having a rough idea of your budget and how many people you’d like to attend your event is a good start, but we can help you reflect on your options and make the best decisions for your team – just get in touch to start a conversation. 

    How much do your virtual team events cost?

    The exact price for your remote team building event will vary depending on which challenge you choose, how many delegates are taking part, which prizes you’d like for your winning team and so on. To get an accurate quote, email [email protected] or call us on 01905 330660.

    Do you offer discounts for bulk bookings?

    We’re happy to consider offering discounted rates for bulk event bookings. This is worked out on a case by case basis, so get in touch to discuss pricing for your events.

    How do I book my remote team building event with you?

    Simply email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1905 330660. We’ll ask you to complete a booking form with details of your budget, event type, number of attendees and suggested date. We’ll also ask you for a deposit to secure your chosen date. 


    Many thanks to Neil for leading our virtual team building exercise…

    Many laughs were had while scrambling to collect the twenty items…!!! The Murder Mystery was my favourite and my team winning was the icing on the cake. The Haka showed how uncoordinated we are but the laughs …just proves what an enjoyable experience we all had.

    Suzanne Mitchell | Beckton, Dickinson & Co

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