Virtual CSI Murder Mystery

Embark on a virtual CSI Murder Mystery to solve Sir Monty Smithe’s murder, fostering team unity and enhancing problem-solving skills in an immersive, collaborative, and thrilling digital team-building adventure.

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Problem Solving

Lateral Thinking




Multiple Formats:​
60 min to 180 min


20 – 500

Transform your team into a group of sharp detectives tasked with solving the chilling case of Sir Monty Smithe’s untimely demise with our Virtual CSI Murder Mystery experience.

Imagine the scene: your team, connected digitally from various locations, comes together under the guidance of our distinguished Chief Inspector Clueless. The task at hand? To unravel the complex web surrounding the mysterious death of the affluent British billionaire, Sir Monty Smithe. This virtual crime scene investigation challenges teams to collaborate remotely, making it an exceptional choice for organisations embracing the digital age. It’s a dynamic blend of suspense, teamwork, and humour, crafted to deliver an unparalleled team-building journey.

Your mission involves a deep dive into digital case files, virtual examination of forensic evidence, and attentive listening to suspect testimonies. Your team needs to navigate through a series of clues to piece together the puzzle. This virtual setting adds an innovative twist to traditional team activities, allowing participants to craft their narrative and steer towards the climactic revelation of the perpetrator.

What sets this virtual CSI Murder Mystery apart is the unique format that encourages each team to create its own storyline, culminating in a grand unveiling that binds suspense and team spirit. The virtual atmosphere buzzes with excitement, as team members unite their detective prowess to crack the case. This isn’t just another team activity; it’s a blend of challenge and entertainment that appeals to a wide audience. Whether you’re a veteran detective or a newcomer to the world of sleuthing, this experience promises to captivate, engage, and entertain.

Outcomes of Virtual CSI Murder Mystery Team Building Activity

Diving into our Virtual CSI Murder Mystery Team Building adventure offers a unique blend of excitement and valuable team-building benefits. It’s an experience that pulls your team closer together, naturally building trust and unity through the thrill of solving a captivating mystery. Imagine your team stepping into the shoes of detectives, sharpening their problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they navigate through a web of digital clues and connections. It’s a journey filled with intrigue but also peppered with laughter and joy, making for truly memorable moments.

This adventure isn’t just about cracking a case; it’s a golden opportunity for budding leaders to shine. They’ll get the chance to guide their teams, demonstrating leadership skills and driving collective efforts towards a common goal. The outcome? A thoroughly entertaining team building event and a team that’s not only more united but also brimming with creativity and resilience, ready to face any challenge with confidence and enthusiasm.

The Virtual CSI Murder Mystery goes beyond the usual team-building activity. It’s a meaningful investment in the future of your team, merging entertainment with essential workplace skills in a fresh and engaging way. Take part in this electrifying virtual adventure, and watch as your team’s dynamics, communication, and collaborative abilities transform, all while having fun, unravelling a compelling murder mystery from the comfort of your digital workspace.

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