A team picture outside at an EML team building day.

GDPR Policy

  • ​Individuals can provide their consent for us to communicate with them about our products and services through a series of clear opt in options
  • The means to consent is separate from any other requests on our website
  • We provide a clear Privacy Notice on our website when asking for consent so individuals can make informed choices about providing their consent
  • Only the minimum personal data is collected to enable this communication (email)
  • Only children over the age of 16 in the EU, or 13 in the UK, can provide valid consent, for children below this age consent can only be provided by those who hold parental responsibility
  • Where we suspect consent has been given by a child below the appropriate age, we will seek to verify the age of the individual (e.g. via proof of identity)
  • We date and time stamp when consent is given so there is a full audit trail of when consent was given
  • Consent can be adjusted by an individual at any point by changing their preferences on our website, or removed by contacting our Data Protection Representative
  • There is no time limit specified in the GDPR for retaining personal data with consent, however in line with guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), we will review consents every two years. The outcome of these reviews will be documented and our Privacy Notice/Data Protection Policy will be updated as required

Third Party Scripts We Run On Our Website

Facebook – Online social media and social networking service for sharing photos, news and posting comments.

Twitter – Online social networking and microblogging application.

Linkedin – Business and employment orientated social networking service.

YouTube – Online video sharing platform for viewing and uploading video content.