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Step into the Game Show Quiz, a thrilling cabaret event that revives the magic of classic UK TV game shows, promising more than just a quiz! With a dynamic compere and vibrant assistants, it’s an entertaining experience of laughter and excitement.


Problem Solving





1 – 2 Hour Running Time


10 – 500

Welcome to our Game Show Quiz, an evening of cabaret-style entertainment that pays tribute to the iconic Game Shows of UK TV history.

It’s not just a quiz; it’s an unforgettable experience designed to add a touch of excitement and laughter to your event.

A lively compere and their team of bubbly assistants create an atmosphere of outrageous fun. The Game Show Quiz unfolds with up to 6 professionally produced rounds, offering a competitive team format that’s perfect for dinner entertainment or a high-energy conference energizer session.

With full audio-visual setup, these rounds promise an unforgettable experience. Scores are updated regularly, and the winning team receives well-deserved prizes. Whether played between dinner courses or as a dynamic 90-minute energizer during your team offsite, our Game Show Quiz guarantees entertainment that lingers in the memories of your guests. Get ready for a night of intelligent fun, laughter, and a dash of friendly competition.

Choose up to 6 Game Show Rounds, each bringing a unique flavour to your event:


“Say what you see!” A visual round based on well-known English phrases.

Generation Game

Youth meets age for hilarious outcomes in this round filled with energy.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

A classic knockout quiz played as teams. “Final answer?”

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Music challenges, including trivia and even singing, for a lively experience.

Telly Addicts

Discover who truly gets the most from their Netflix subscription.

Play Your Cards Right

“Higher or lower than a 5?” Engage in the classic Giant Card Game.

Question of Sport

For the sports fanatics, from miming sports to picture rounds and trivia.

Have I Got News for You?

A news quiz with a tongue firmly in cheek for intelligent fun.

The Chaser

Teams must go up against our Chaser in a high-pressure, quickfire quiz.

Would I Lie?

Can rival teams spot if other tables are lying or telling the truth?


Complete with classic ‘calls’ like “2 little ducks.. 22”.

Outcomes of Game Show Quiz Team Building Activity

A game show quiz team building event is a novel way to blend entertainment with essential team development aspects. As participants engage in various game show rounds, they naturally improve their collaboration and communication skills. Working in teams to tackle challenges, they enhance their problem-solving abilities and creative thinking.

This fun, competitive environment helps break down barriers, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie among colleagues. Additionally, the event acts as a stress reliever, providing laughter and light-hearted competition that can rejuvenate and motivate the workforce. It also offers individuals a chance to display their diverse talents and knowledge, cultivating a deeper appreciation of each other’s strengths and personalities.

This not only improves interpersonal relationships within the team but also boosts morale and job satisfaction, leading to a more harmonious and productive work environment. Overall, a game show tribute night is great fun and fantastic conference entertainment; it’s a valuable tool for enhancing team dynamics, nurturing a positive workplace culture, and creating memorable experiences.

Problem Solving Team Building

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Robin and Megan were fantastic.

Thank you for making it all so easy, from initial enquiry to the night itself. Really didn’t have to worry/think about anything. Robin and Megan were fantastic and knew we were in safe hands. Robin was great and responded brilliantly to the various ‘interruptions’ and slightly demanding guests! Thank you

Sarah Richards | URM Consulting

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