Team Building For Charity Or The Community

30th January 2023

Team Building For Charity Or The Community

Jan 30, 2023

We are often contacted by teams looking to give something back to either a charity or the community through a team building activity.

Combining a team building activity or event with a good cause can be a surprisingly tricky thing to do. Often there are safeguarding considerations that arise from everything from working with the vulnerable to the health and safety of picking litter.

We have recently found a team building activity that is safe, slots into a conference or team offsite and, most importantly, really, really, really gives something back to charity and the community.

Give Someone A Hand

No… literally… we have a new team building activity that enables your team to change someone’s life by giving them a clinically approved, prosthetic hand.

Build A Hand is a challenging, meaningful and rewarding team-building experience that enables your team to make a real difference in the World.

Each team have up to 90 minutes to construct a clinical, prosthetic hand that is then donated to recipients in Uganda, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India directly through a registered charity partner.

Each team of 5 delegates will be given a hand kit. Supported by our team of facilitators, teams must meticulously follow our detailed guides in order to construct the hand from scratch.

Each team also has a case which needs to be decorated, the hand is then placed in this case. Finally each team is encouraged to write a personal message to put with the hand.  The hand is then sent back to the charity who distribute and fit the hands to those that need them most all over the World.

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