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Ignite team spirit and drive collaboration to the finish line with our Team Formula 1 team-building experience. High-speed karting meets strategic team challenges, ensuring an unforgettable, adrenaline-fuelled event. Gear up for the ultimate team building experience – who will take the chequered flag in our Team Formula 1 Challenge?



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Rev Up Your Team Spirit with Formula 1 Team-Building!

Imagine the thrill of Team Formula 1 racing as the backdrop for your next corporate event. Our team-building package transforms the high-speed world of Formula 1 into an engaging, hands-on experience, where team karting isn’t just a race, it’s a journey towards unparalleled unity and collaboration. Dive into a day filled with fun activities, where the roar of engines and the cheer of colleagues merge, crafting an unforgettable adventure that drives success beyond the tracks.

Teams must create a racing brand to decorate their Formula 1 car, racing overalls and team flags with the art packs provided. Teams compete in a series of warm up heats in the form of team games to determine grid position for the final Formula 1 Grand Prix. The Team Formula 1 Challenge builds towards a final team race with our adult sized, pedal powered karts.

Cap off your corporate retreat with an event that’s more than just a day out of the office. It’s an investment in your team’s synergy and spirit. Our meticulously curated fun activities promise not just a surge of adrenaline but a transformation in team dynamics. Rev up your team’s potential and race towards success with an experience they’ll talk about for years to come.

Outcomes of a Team Formula 1 Team-Building Activity

Post the chequered flag of your Team Formula 1 team-building day, expect more than just memories of speed and excitement. This high-octane experience is meticulously designed to bolster teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking. Through the twists and turns of team karting, your group will emerge with a reinforced sense of unity and a shared victory mindset, crucial for tackling real-world challenges.

In the pit lane of collaboration, every team member plays a pivotal role, mirroring the interdependent dynamics of a successful workplace. The essence of team-building in the fast lane is about syncing strengths and pacing through weaknesses, mirroring the collaborative spirit of a pit crew. As your team navigates through the fun activities and adrenaline-pumping races, they develop a deeper understanding of trust, timing, and mutual support.

Reflect on the day, and you’ll find more than just lap times and podium finishes. You’ll discover a team that’s more aligned, attuned, and ready to accelerate towards shared goals. Team Karting isn’t just about the race; it’s about crafting a narrative of collective success, where every member emerges stronger, more connected, and driven towards excellence.

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Why not add a workshop with your activity?

We offer a range of workshops that can be doubled up alongside our team building activities, check out our workshops below.


Another great staff day from EML!

This is the 3rd time that we have worked with EML for our staff day and have always found EML to be professional and engaging.

Tracy Rudge | Rospa

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