MBTI® Team Building Workshops That Build Trust and Create High-Performance.

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MBTI® Team Building Workshops That Build Trust and Create High-Performance.

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As businesses expand and teams grow, it becomes increasingly important to understand individual team members’ personalities, communication styles, and working methods. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is an invaluable tool that can help businesses achieve just that. By conducting MBTI® team building workshops, businesses can empower their teams to understand one another better, build trust, and improve their overall performance.

Both our full-day and half-day MBTI® team building workshops are suitable for new and established teams. In addition, we offer Team Building Activity Boltons designed to complement our workshops seamlessly. Our workshops are designed to improve team performance by framing different approaches positively, building trust, and creating an environment of understanding and respect. The Activity Boltons are often utilised post-workshop, serving as a light-hearted and enjoyable way to apply the knowledge gained during the workshop and conclude the day on a high note.

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Discover Your Team’s MBTI® Personality Type

The first step of your MBTI® Workshop is the Personality Type Indicator Test. Delegates complete a short online assessment prior to the workshop, which generates a 10-page MBTI® report (example report). On the day of the workshop, our accredited MBTI® trainers take the team through an engaging session designed to bring the assessment results to life and answer the question, “What does this mean for our team?”

Exploring MBTI® Types In Your Team

Once we have identified the team’s MBTI® types, we explore how each type responds in different scenarios. Using a series of engaging and enjoyable team breakouts, we explore how the team can optimise communication, improve decision-making, and manage change more effectively. There are no better or worse MBTI® personality types. The key is to understand the differences so that the team can harness strengths and minimise weaknesses within the organisation.

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Outcomes of MBTI® Team Building Workshops

Our MBTI® team building workshops help teams appreciate their different communication, leadership, and working styles. This knowledge will help the team to:

Build trust to improve cohesion, retention, and performance

Resolve and leverage conflict between team members

Adjust their approach to get the best out of their working relationships

Support the professional development of the team

Our MBTI® team building workshops are designed to provide organisations with a roadmap for success. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can be applied to multiple business situations and revisited when new challenges arise.

MBTI® Team Building Workshops

At EML Team Building, we offer a range of MBTI® team building workshops, including:

Introduction to MBTI Step I

Introduction to MBTI Step II

Applied MBTI Step I

Applied MBTI Step II

MBTI and Communication

MBTI and Change

MBTI and High Performing Teams

An interactive and focused MBTI team building workshop, with participants deeply engaged in drawing on a flip chart.
A joyful group of MBTI team building workshop participants posing for a photo, showing unity and team spirit.

Each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of different organisations, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcome for their teams. If you’re unsure where to start, get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.

The ability to build a high-performing team is critical to success. Our MBTI® team building workshops provide businesses with the tools they need to understand their teams better, build trust, and improve their overall performance.

By leveraging the power of the MBTI® assessment, businesses can create an environment of understanding and respect that will drive them towards success.

If you are interested in learning more about our MBTI® team building workshops, please contact us to request a quote. Our accredited MBTI® trainers are ready to help you unlock your team’s potential and drive success.

Why not add an activity with your workshop?

We offer a range of team building activities that can be doubled up alongside our workshops, check out our most popular activities below.

GallifordTry PLC

A really good experience

From the initial contact through to the ongoing support and then the actual event with MBTI and the team events it was run very well, excellent value for money and it was exactly what we required.  Thank EML, great job

Michelle Duberry | Gallifordtry

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