CSI Murder Mystery

Dare to solve the chilling murder of Sir Monty Smithe in our CSI Murder Mystery? It’s a thrilling blend of suspense, teamwork, and fun, perfect for an unforgettable team-building adventure!


Problem Solving

Lateral Thinking



Multiple Formats:

60 min to 180 min​


10 – 500 People

Step into the realm of mystery and excitement with our CSI Murder Mystery – an immersive experience that promises both intrigue and team-building like never before!

Picture this: Your team, gathered to unravel the mysterious death of British Billionaire Sir Monty Smithe, led by none other than our very own Chief Inspector Clueless. It’s not just a Murder Mystery; it’s a journey that blends suspense, teamwork, and a touch of humour to create an unforgettable team-building session.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves delving into case files, examining forensic evidence, and listening keenly to suspect testimonies. Guided by Clueless, your team will navigate through the labyrinth of clues, piecing together the puzzle of the chilling murder.

What makes this experience truly special is that each team crafts its own version of events, leading to the big reveal of the cold-blooded murderer. The atmosphere is charged with suspense and camaraderie as participants collaborate, putting their detective skills to the ultimate test.

CSI Murder Mystery isn’t just an activity; it’s a fusion of entertainment and challenge that resonates with diverse audiences. Whether you’re a seasoned detective or a first-time sleuth, this experience promises to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

Outcomes of CSI Murder Mystery Team Building

The CSI Murder Mystery Team Building event uniquely combines the excitement of solving a mystery with the practical benefits of team development. It’s an exhilarating experience that brings teams together, resulting in a deep sense of camaraderie and trust. As participants dive into the role of detectives, they enhance their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, analysing intricate clues and making connections.

But it’s not all serious detective work. There’s plenty of fun and laughter along the way, making it a truly memorable day for everyone. This event also serves as a great platform for emerging leaders, offering opportunities to take charge and coordinate team efforts towards a common goal. The outcome? A more cohesive, creative, and resilient team, ready to face real-world challenges with renewed confidence and enthusiasm.

In summary, the CSI Murder Mystery is more than just a team-building event; it’s an investment in your team’s future, blending entertainment with essential workplace skills development in a uniquely engaging setting.

Lateral Thinking Team Building
Newell Brands

Just a great event from start to finish.

Really flexible and accommodating as we were running late too. This wasn’t a problem for the team at all. A really fab day run by great people.  Thank you EML Team!

Donna Bowman | Newell Brands

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