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Race Across The World

Embark on ‘Race Across The World’, a team-building challenge that turns a quiz into a global adventure! Outwit and outplay in a race to collect stamps and conquer countries.

Conceptual image representing the "Race Across the World" team building theme with passports, boarding passes, and an airplane over a world map, symbolizing international travel and competition.



Problem Solving



Multiple Formats:

60 min to 180 min​


10 – 500 People

Join the Ultimate International  Adventure: Race Across The World Challenge!

Dive into the ‘Race Across The World’, a thrilling team-building quest unlike any other! This competitive journey transforms a simple quiz into an exhilarating global escapade, perfect for teams of all sizes and bringing national and international colleagues together.

Teams earn virtual currency through diverse activities, using it to ‘travel’ across the globe. Your job is to score as many points as possible before the clock counts down! Each step is crucial for success, with general knowledge questions about various countries guiding your path.

In this engaging quiz, each Country Challenge completed earns your team a stamp in your EML Passport. The aim is simple yet exciting: collect the most stamps and win! However, this journey tests more than just knowledge. It’s a strategic adventure where effective use of resources and smart planning are key to conquering each Country Challenge. You’ll need to draw on the knowledge, artistic abilities and bravado of your team members to be in with a chance of winning.

More than just entertainment, ‘Race Across The World’ enhances teamwork and collaboration. It encourages strategic thinking and utilises diverse skills, making it an ideal ice breaker or a dynamic feature for international conferences,  corporate events and team-building days.

Outcomes of Race Across The World Team Building Quiz

‘Race Across The World’ brings a myriad of benefits to the workplace. This team-building event uniquely blends enhancing collaboration and communication skills within a team, as members join forces, sharing their diverse abilities to tackle challenges together.

It’s not just about teamwork; the event also sharpens strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. Beyond skill development, it’s a significant morale booster, infusing fun and energy into the team, strengthening bonds, and stimulating team spirit. Creativity is encouraged as teams think outside the box to overcome obstacles.

Additionally, it offers an opportunity for emerging leaders to shine and for all members to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths. In essence, ‘Race Across The World’ is a compact yet powerful package that enriches team dynamics and enhances workplace productivity in an enjoyable, engaging way.

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Highly recommended!

I have worked with EML for a number of years and always find their conference team building ideas to be professional, helpful, supportive and very impactful.

Kay Bradley | BSI Group

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